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The fourth edition of The Underwater Photographer has now sold in excess of 15,000 copies.

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UK residents can order from Aquapress at www.aquapress.co.uk or www.amazon.com/Underwater-Photographer-Fourth-MARTIN-EDGE/dp/0240521641


The fully updated fourth edition of The Underwater Photographer Martin Edge takes you deeper than ever before in to the world of underwater photography. This comprehensive revision offers practical advice on everything from basic techniques such as using compact cameras, composition and lighting to more adventurous topics such as the use of two flashguns, shooting with manual white balance and using Magic Filters.

New chapters cover highly specialised underwater techniques such as shooting pelagics, split-level shots and extreme macro and close-up, while common sense guidelines to using the latest software such as Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® provide both the novice and the seasoned underwater photographer with the tools they need to gain control of their digital workflow.

As the only comprehensive guide to underwater photography available, the fourth edition of The Underwater Photographer is the bible for underwater photographers of all levels and skills.

Beautifully illustrated with over 500 stunning images, this new edition is as close as you can get to having your own private tutorial session without having Martin in the water with you.

My Book Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars So Impressive for underwater photographers of all standards

I thought that I had read all the best books on this subject. Howard Hall's book from the 80's, The late Jim Church book on underwater composition but this latest edition by Martin Edge is in my view the most comprehensive book written on the topic of underwater photography to date. I have read it from cover to cover and no subject appears to have been omitted. It contains so much advice, tricks of the trade and wisdom. It is a must have book and a great read for anyone interested. I just hope the publishers consider a PDF version for laptop use. I intend to try out the chapter on 'just below the surface' during my forthcomming trip to Florida.

5.0 out of 5 stars This is where the journey begins

It is the many photographs I have seen taken by this man which make me realise I still have a long way to go as far as mastering the art of underwater photography is concerned.

Time was when every newly trained scuba diver would talk about the diving facility they are going to open now that they learned to dive. Not so any more. Today, they are more conscious of the underwater environment and are keen to progress on to underwater photography. Well this is where that journey towards taking successful pictures begins. Martin Edge has mastered the art of underwater photography and has that indefinable knack of being able to teach others what he knows - and very successfully indeed.

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