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"All about us and how Edge Underwater Photography came to be "

Simply put, the Edges are dedicated to helping photographers to take better photographs underwater:

Martin Edge was born in Staffordshire, England in 1955, where he lived and grew up without any inclination towards diving or photography. Years later, together with his wife Sylvia they moved to the Dorset coastline and in 1977 it was here that they both learnt to dive in the temperate waters around Swanage, Weymouth and Portland. Soon after, driven by a desire to travel, explore and experience warm water diving they visited the Island of Minorca in the Mediterranean and Martin took his first underwater photographs.

He had never had any particular interest or tuition in photography but his desire to shoot pictures underwater grew into a passion bordering on an obsession. Frustrated by a lack of knowledge of camera equipment and how to best use it underwater, he set out to understand the 'minds eye' of those underwater photography whose work he most admired. In the 1980's he participated in numerous underwater photography competitions obtaining many awards from all over the world. He began to write articles on such a diverse range of subjects simply has a medium to get his work published. Once judges and peers had vindicated his efforts in competitions, he quickly identified that his passion and potential was to teach and develop other aspiring underwater photographers. Over the last 20 years he has done just that. Introduced, developed, motivated and mentored many hundreds of underwater photographers from all parts of the globe. Martin is considered to be one of the most influential teachers of underwater photography in the world today.

In 2010 the fourth edition of his best selling book ‘The Underwater Photographer’ was published. This has taken the underwater world by storm and is considered to be the Bible on the topic. A Spanish translation is available from Anaya Multimedia. Russian, Czech and German translations will be available in later this year.

The other half of this successful partnership is Martins wife Sylvia who has also 30 years of diving, travel and photo experience behind her. Sylvia is responsible for tropical workshop logistics and planning. She acts as buddy and photo model to workshop participants and frequently provides a 'one to one' facility on every topic from underwater modeling to advanced composition.

Join Martin on facebook or at one of his appearances:

August 2012 I'm speaking at The Northern Underwater Photo Group in Manchester on Monday 13th August. Nick & Caroline Robertson-Brown are organising this event. All are welcome to attend but please contact them at frogfishphotos@gmail.com for further details.

October 2012 Together with Alex Mustard I'm speaking at DIVE 2012 at NEC Birmingham on 27th - 28th October.

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